Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the World Needs Now

I think I have the answer for world peace.
Seriously, what other food do we turn to when we feel ill? What warms our hearts and tummies on a cold winter night better than a bowl of hot soup? What’s more cheery than to be greeted at the door of one’s home on a brisk autumn evening than with the savory aromas of a hearty soup?
Whatever life’s challenges we may face, all seem better faced after a cup of steaming soup. If we all could just sit down together at the table of our differences, communing over a meal of soup; wouldn’t the world be a different place?

The Beatles said it best when they sang “All you need is soup. Soup is all you need”.
Okay, so the song actually says love. But they really meant soup.

So with soup in mind let me introduce you to Pho Vietnam. This restaurant was my introduction to Vietnamese food. Vietnamese fare is a distinct cuisine characterized by its fresh ingredients and whose history reveals Chinese and French influences.
And Pho Vietnam’s specialty? Soup.
A friend of mine who speaks fluent Vietnamese has translated “Pho” for me. It’s meaning? “Noodle soup.”
I love life’s simplicities.

I ordered a bowl of Pho with rib eye and brisket that sat atop a mound of thin, white, succulent rice noodles in a rich, briny broth. The rib eye is served in the soup as thin slices.
My wife ordered a bowl of seafood soup generous with prawns, crab, fish cakes and squid. Again, the base of this dish was the incredible rice noodles. The soup’s greens were basil and mint leaves for both our dishes.

A plate of garnishes is brought with your soup that includes fresh Thai basil, mint, bean sprouts, lime wedges and sliced hot green chilies. Hot steaming Pho: your way. And if you really want to live on the edge, every table has its pot of red chile sauce. Nuoc Cham in Vietnamese. Which (according to my sources) loosely translates into “The Red Peppers are very angry and will peel the rubber off your tires”
I said loosely.

We sat near a couple who told us that they have been regulars at the Pho Vietnam for 14 years. Quality breeds loyalty. Which may explain something. I have been there on four occasions, including off hours to traditional eating times, and that place stays busy.

The prices are friendly. The small bowls were under six dollars each. The bowls come in three sizes and their version of small is LARGE.

So do your part in making your world a little better and enjoy a bowl of soup.
Now go explore!

Pho Vietnam is located just off Highway 12 at 711 Stony Point Rd, Ste 8 in Santa Rosa, CA. (707) 571-7687.


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. As usual full of humor. It is one of my fovorite things about you. You always make people laugh. Thanks for sharing all these yummy places.-Mini

mangiawithmario said...

Mini, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Mario!!
Sono d'accordissimo con te,una buona minestra calda come anche una tazza di thè nelle giornate invernali sono l'ideale!!! ;-)
Complimenti per il tuo blog,molto carino,colorato e pieno di buone cose come piacciono a me!!Bravissimo!!
Una buona giornata ciaooo:-)

Kankana said...

Soup is all we need! I agree with you:) Great blog!

LUCIA said...

hola gracias por tu visita. ya veo que te encanta comer y la cocina ami también me gusta la cocina pero no tengo mucho tiempo para ello,
en algún momento te mandare algunas recetas típica españolas,
de valencia y Cataluña, seguro que te gustaran un beso taliá.

Josie Lee Suska said...

I'm so happy to find more posts about Pho...that couple of Pho 'regulars' you sat next to can be found in every Pho restaurant across the planet - I swear! It's addictive. Be careful!

Frank said...

I think there's a lot of wisdom in what you say! Soup is the ultimate comfort food and, who know? if folks feel comfortable they may be less likely to take up a gun and fight...

Anyway, I share your enthusiasm for pho and soups in general! Nothing better.