Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mangia Goes Mobile

Hello all.
Mangia is going Mobile.
Specifically, we are hopping a plane and leaving the destination spot of California.
And more specifically, we are headed for the destination spot called Italia.
Please join us on our adventures as we explore a new culture, language and land. Oh, and new foods!

Can airport food actually taste great? I mean, just because one is on the way to Italy does all food automatically taste better?
Is there a psychological influence that one's destination has over one's journey?
I should know.
As a licensed mental health profesional with post graduate training, years of experience and a keen insight into the human psyche. So I'll tell you.
I don't know.
I do know that my wife and I are on the way to Italy. We are sitting at the airport in Sacramento eating an early morning meal and she says to me;
"That was the best breakfast ever!"
It's grilled chicken at the Lemon Grass Grill. And it's in the Sacramento Airport.
Blame it on Italy!
Okay. And now we are off to the boarding gate!

Losa Angeles: LAX
LAX is B-I-G. Notorious for big.
We walk and walk. Walk just a little more and we are at the TSA screening check point.
We plant our feet and take turns posing naked for the agents.
I am sure that I am providing entertainment
If you ever pass this way, just remember:
Raise your arms, palms outward. And smile!
Time for a snack. All that activity has made me hungry.

Ciao e a Presto!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Oooh, looking forward to reading your new Italian adventures!!

rae said...

love it! u r funny :)can't wait to hear more!

Cinzia said...

mariooo! Have a nice trip in Italy!

adorasbox said...

Grilled chicken for breakfast?! How lucky can you get. Enjoy your trip, Mario. Can't wait for your photos.

Mandy said...

can't wait to read more!

audrey denis said...

enjoy all italy has to offer and keep us posted on the food can,t wait to hear more