Monday, May 16, 2011

When in Rome

Pizza, Pasta and the Pope.
Oh, there's the gelato and can't forget the cappacino.
This will be the last entry from Rome. The time here has been great.

The Pizza
Locanda Barberini Ristorante
The Locanda is said to compose poetry in their kitchen; recited in the form of their dishes.
We orderted a Pizza Napoli. Thin crust. Homemade sauce. Mozzerella and anchovies. Fantastic. I didn't even know that I liked anchovies. Their specialty is "forno a legna". Conventional pizza ovens are gas or electric. Theirs is a wood fired oven, so come in knowing you will wait about 20 minutes or so. But the wait is worth it, for the flavor is unbeatable. We paired it with a Moretti Beer. It was like they were made for each other.
You can get Moretti in California. Unfortunately, you won't find Locandas.

The Pasta
Cafe Vitti
This family owned ristorante is located in the heart of Roma.
We ordered the baked lasagna. Their sauce and pasta are all made there on premises. This lasagna was great. I wish you could have been there to enjoy it with us. But you would have had to order your own plate because we ate ALL of ours. Fresh noodles. Molten parmesan and mozerella cheeses. Flavorful pomodoro sauce. Sitting outside in the plaza underneath the blue skies of Roma. One almost had to pinch oneself.

The Pope
We stopped at the Vatican. Gawked at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. My wife asked if when we got home I could do our ceiling like that. Then climed the dome of the Basilica and heard the bells of St. Peter's. Offered to take the Pope out to lunch, but his schedule was a little tight.
Well, maybe next time we're in town.


Brad Davis said...

Sounds wonderful! We miss you guys, but love reading about the wonderful time you are having. Sorry lunch with the Pope didn't work out--I hear he's more of a happy hour guy anyway. As we say in California...

Peace out!

Cinzia said...

Mario, Great! I'm very happy you liked Sistine Chapel, I think it's really one of the most beautiful "works-hand-made-by-a-man".
So, now you are falled-in-love for gelato and cappuccino!! uhhuhhh! This is our normal breakfast, sooo fast!
Kisses, also to your lady ;)

Kitchen Simmer said...

Wow.. Rome! Definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. I hope you had a great trip. What a place to eat your way through! : )

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, Mario...I would absolutely love to see Italy with my family someday!
I've read your past entries and it sounds like a great trip! I had no idea McDonald's was in Italy!


Elyse @The Cultural Dish said...

Your making me miss Rome so much! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip though and ate and drank plenty! :)

emilie said...

Oh the food sounds divine! That's how pizza should be!


Beth Michelle said...

Ah Rome, how I miss it. Such a wonderful city, and the food! The food!!!! Sounds like you ate your way around pretty well!!

kitsune said...

Always enjoying food to the max wherever you are Mario =) it's you. Hope you had fun in Rome. Did you get Roma coffee? It's so rich.


Maíra Dias said...

My Friend Mario, I saw your last comment just today and I was very flattered.It's been a while sice we talked.I'm fine, studying too.And practing english always because it is one of my passions.And how are you?
The trip to Italy sounded charming. next up, kisses!

Andie said...

During my last year in High School I took Art History. The Sistine Chapel is one of the things me and my classmates daydreamed about visiting one day. And if you pair awesome art with awesome food you can only get an unforgettable holiday... Ah Italy n.n **sigh**

mary said...

Magnifique, Mario!

Araceli León Rodríguez said...

hola Mario tu siempre innovando en tu blog,besos y abrazos desde Mexico.