Sunday, July 17, 2011

Perugia and Chocolate Kisses

"What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate." -
                                                                                                        Katherine Hepburn

I love chocolate.
Let me start with that. Dark chocolate to be exact. I eat milk chocolate if I happen to be faint from chocolate deprivation.
Kind of like a chocolate dehydration.
Someone once said, “Forget love; I’d rather fall in chocolate!
As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I can understand the sentiments. Good dark chocolate rarely disappoints. 
Chocolate is one of those foods that allow a collection of sensations to trigger our pleasure. The sight, the velvety texture, the intense aroma and unforgettable taste of great chocolate connects at all levels. And while we are on the subject of the senses and relationships,here's a tip on romance.  I'm saving you 80 dollars at the therapist's office. Give the person in your life a little chocolate and you are giving them a little love. Eat it together. Just for the love of it. Pair it with a little wine. Hey, make life good.

In May, we took a trip of a lifetime by traveling to see Italy. Among our must see cities to visit was Perugia. What a hidden treasure Perugia is with its Roman history, one of the oldest universities in Europe, spectacular cathedrals and unsurpassed regional cuisine. Oh yeah, and it’s chocolate.
Chocolate is such a big thing there in fact that the city hosts an annual chocolate festival called Eurochocolate.
We have a good friend that lives there and a few years ago, she introduced us to Perugina chocolate.
I will write more about Perugia and our friends there in my next blog post.
Since the Perugina Chocolate Company was formed in 1907, their chocolate has become known around the world. Unwrap one of their dark chocolate bars and savor the rich aroma. Bite into the bar and experience the smooth texture and flavor. Their slogan is “L’arte del gusto”. The art of taste. And they have that art down in their dark and white chocolate.
And even milk chocolate if you insist.
Their most famous product is the Baci chocolate. “Baci” means "kisses" in Italian and their confection is filled with hazelnut. A delicious pairing of flavors. Baci comes wrapped with little multilingual notes containing sagely sayings on love and life. At their facility you can tour their museum, walk their factory and see their chocolatiers working at their craft. And you can even attend a chocolate school there where you too can make chocolate creations yourself under the tutelage of master instructors.
Sure, sure. Chocolate has its health benefits. Some might feel as if it’s important to justify eating this delicacy. There’s the antioxidants that increase our vigor, the Theobromine that enhances our mood, even the boost in our serotonin levels that turn us into happy people.
All these reasons merit eating this wonder food.
But in the end, I just love chocolate. That’s why I eat it.
And some great chocolate is made in Perugia.
Now go and kiss somebody with a Baci.

Unfinished Business:
First of all; I need to advise you about the bidet. When you travel to Europe you will discover a water dispensing apparatus called the bidet. Idea never caught on here, it seems. Now, a bidet is not a drinking fountain. I’m just saying. You may arrive in Italy after a 13 hour flight and feel parched. In fact, downright dehydrated. You may get to your hotel room and realize, “Wow! I’m thirsty!”
Long flights will do that.
But just remember, a bidet is not a water fountain. It may resemble one, but it’s not. Do not drink from it. I’m just saying.

Second of all; I need to make a correction. Roberta in Cinque Terre was kind enough to remind me that the name of her Panificio is Sacchelli. Il mio errore, Roberta. Scusi. A Panificio is an Italian bakery. At these Italian bread shops you'll find different types of pani or breads. Roberta has signature breads and pastries that are awesome. She is awesome. When you are in the neighborhood, stop by. Say hello. And pick up a loaf.


Anna's kitchen table said...

Mario, it's lovely to see you posting! I love your writing
I didn't know you are a marriage and family therapist - that's such a worthwhile career!
Now, hold on while I look for someone to kiss...,

adorasbox said...

I'm with you, Mario, on dark chocolate. Bitter sweet and intensely chocolatey. That's my thing, too. Peruglia sounds like such lovely romantic place. And it's has chocolates. Yes!

Jocie's Mom said...

I'm forwarding this to my husband for a little 'hint hint' :) Buzzed!

Natália Rocha said...

Mario, great post!
I love chocalate, dark chocolate is very good.
Loved your text.

Perugia, must be lovely.


Lilly said...

I think chocolate is one of the things everyone loves! I don't eat it much, but if I do I would go for the "Milka extra romig" which means extra creamy. It is to die for!

And your bidet warning is just too funny. Haven't really seen many of them in Europe, but I can totally see why some would think it it is a water fountain =)

BeadBag said...

Hi Mario - lovely post ........ my husband washes his socks in the bidet!

Angela @ Mind Over Batter said...

Lovely post! I fall in love with chocolate daily... Sometimes (ok, most of the time) with my baking chocolate. Hey, if it wasn't meant to eat, it shouldn't taste so good!

Thanks for the bidet advice. However, I understand how one can get thirsty following a long flight. I won't rule out the bidet should I find myself parched. Just sayin'...

BakingWithoutaBox said...

Hazelnut and Perugian chocolate kisses. Oh yes please! I can feel the happy rush even in anticipation. Without the calories.
I remember the first time I saw a bidet. Hmmm still haven't figured out the appreciation of that appliance. Hope all remnants of jet lag are long gone.

Nicoletta Palmas said...

Mario it looks like you had a great trip to Italy!!!! I love chocolate....and even though I don't like dark favorite ones are "Baci"...I could eat millions of them!!!! Bidet is one of the best thing I have in my house in Italy!!! On my 9 years in London I did really miss it!!!! ciaoo!!!

Patri* said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment!!!! I'm glad you like my cookies :)

I also love chocolate, and so well pointed out about the bidet xDDDD


Patri* said...

Thanks! It could be better though. I used to go to the States to spend part of my summer holidays and improve my english when I was a teenager :)

Sorry, i totally forgot to follow your blog yesterday, I was in a hurry to go to sleep!!!! I'll do it now.

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny said...

What a great post Mario! I've always wanted to visit Italy, this makes me want to even more! :)

mary said...

Mario, Mario, Mario!!
As a fellow chocolate lover, and also a lover of your blog, I say...Bravisimo, Bravisimo, Bravisimo...and again I say,Bravisimo!! (is that correct Italian?)
Thank you for taking the time to write your relevent thoughts on so many interesting things!!
I think I will go have some chocolate...ok, yes, I choose milk chocolate...I grew up on hershey bars, ok?
God bless, Mary :-)

MeLikeyUK said...

How intriguing Mario, I had no idea that Perugia was famous for it's Chocolate produce and Chocolate festival. I really love Italy but have never been to Perugia - you have just given me the perfect excuse! I agree chocolate and hazelnut is a perfect combination!
Loving the quote by Katherine Hepburn.

Emily Malloy said...

Oh that bidet! The chocolate looks like it needs me! ;)

Espérame en Siberia said...

Mmmmhhh, chocolate! I love it of any kind :)

Send you lots of kisses.

mangiawithmario said...

Here are a few of my comments. I am using the names as they show up in the comment boxes.
Anna, thanks for the comments. I hope you found that someone to kiss.
Adora, I see that you speak the language of Chocolate; Dark, Bittersweet and Intense! Bravo!
Parsely Sage, I hope that your husband got the "Hint, Hint" and that you are now sitting amoungst mounds of sweet, dark chocolate!
Natalia, thank you! And yes, dark chocolate is indeed very good.
Lilly, thank you. You are too kind. And remember, don't drink the water!
Beadbag, thank you. You already know that I think you should write a book on "101 Creative Bidet Uses"
Angela. I couldn't agree with you more!
Bakingwithoutabox, I hope you are still enjoying the anticipation without the calories! And the jet lag is all gone. Thanks!
Nicoletta, I could eat millions of them too. Mi Piace Molto!
Patri, thank you for the comments. Yes, chocolate is our friend! Saludos.
Kelly, I hope that you have your day in Italy!
Mary, thank you for the comments. I'm glad to see that you were able to get on. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
MelikeyUK, Anytime you need an excuse to travel to Italy, please feel free to talk to me for a little cheerleading!
Emily, I feel the same way. I always think chocolate needs me. Who am i to refuse?
Esperame, thank you. May your world never lack for chocolate!

Alien said...

Hi Mario!

I really appreciate to read about your travels, sounds very interesting :)

I have a friend in Perugia, his name is Luca.

I dont know there, but in Europe have many type chocolate!!!! I dont like so much, this is atypical, I know.

It was so funny what you said about "bidet" lol!

*Doesn't have bidet in California?

Thanx for the visit in my another blog, you are a sweet man!

Nervenruh said...

Mmmmh, Italian sweets! I love it!

Angela said...

Fantastic pictures, as always.

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

Yes, I am in love with dark chocolate too. mmmm mmmm mmm
I tried to follow but the follow button isn't showing up!! Maybe a glitch. I'll check back!

Christine Gloria said...

as a student, i also believe dark chocolate is good for IQ ;) by the way, love ur blog!

Pia @ Peppercorns in my Pocket said...

Hi Mario, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Yours is such a treasure trove of good things! If there's one thing I could give up a good meal for is to catch a flight to a different corner of the world. I love the way you write about your travels with such passion. Loved my browse.

Katie said...

Oh wow, I want the baci chocolate! That sounds so good! I like dark chocolate better too.

Linda said...

I love dark chocolate! I love art! I want to go to Italy!

Unknown said...

Hi MArio, lovely blog, i'm very happy becouse you enjoy my place, you're always welcome.
I don't love chocolate,in fact gives me a headache...=(
But sometimes i enjoy a little piece.
Sorry if i wrote wrong in english, but i'm still trying...
Many kisses from Brazil.

Almost forgot...I laughed a lot with your comment about bidet....hahaha Very funny.

See you later...

Ellie said...

I would rather fall in chocolate any day!! I love Baci chocolate, we have a little shop that sells it downtown. What an interesting blog you have, glad I found it!!!

Brewed Coffee said...

Hahaha! I love that bit about the bidet.

Chocolates and nuts...what more could I ask for?? :-)

Lilly said...

Mario do post something soon! I also just wanted to let you know that I love your blog so much I am sharing these awards with you! They are on my blog so come and get them!

Unknown said...

Chocolate's my middle name, Mario, so I can totally relate with you on that. Thanks for sharing your interesting travel stories, that info about the bidet is too funny. My parents had one installed in their house, but really, it just ended up as a dirty sock fountain! Eww...but true :-).

Anonymous said...

Spettacolari queste immagini Mario!!!!;-))
Un abbraccio ciaoo:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mario!!! Thank you so much for visiting!

Another fine post. Who doesn't love chocolate?! I've been eating the Baci chocolate almost all my life! My uncle keeps a big bowl filled with them at his house- which I love to dip my hand into everytime I visit.

Looking forward to your post on Perugia...sounds like a very exciting trip! Hope all is well! :)


Alu said...

Hi dear Mario!!!
Grazie di essere passato e complimenti x il tuo blog!!!
Ora io ti seguo,vieni anche tu a seguire il mio ^_^ xoxo

Andie said...

I am not a chocolate fan... but Gosh you make it sound delicious, so I'll be sacking my pantry in search of some chocolate, there must be some in there. Not Perugia Chocolate, of course, although I wouldn't mind trying one of those either n.n
Cheers my friend!

jenskie said...

chocolates!!!!! I need some right now :)

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Estos bacio, kiss, besos de chocolate son buenisimos, lástima que no se consigan aunque sea por internet, gracias por tu visita en mi espacio
Italia bella

thingsIlove said...

I love dark chocolate too! Baci chocolate is amazing. Do they still enclose little clothes with them?

GmiK said...

Hi Mario.How long I have not seen you! I'm back from vacation and now I have to update the blog with many recipes. You are invited to participate in these new recipes. I was pleased to read your comment and your blog entries. I send you many kisses, my friend

Spike said...

Mario, great post. I am first time on your blog nd I love to read your posts, nice stories. I love Baci chocolate and the little love notes. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Beatriz Salas Escarpa said...

Hola Mario,
Un placer conocerte y saber que vienes a visitarme. Me gusta esta entrada y que cocines tan bien.
Un abrazo desde Sevilla (Spain)

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