Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beaches and Bloody Mary

Is that weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping? -Jessica Simpson

I’ve got some camping advice.
No comment on Jessica and Louis Vuitton, though. I think she said it all.
So, if you pack a flashlight, make sure you use the flashlight.
That’s my advice.
In the late night darkness of the campground when you want to brush your teeth, a flashlight can shed some important light.
Especially as you go fishing about the bottom of your toiletries bag trying to find that elusive travel size tube of toothpaste.
I’m just saying.

Here’s some more advice.
Start a Bucket List. You know; a list of things to do and places to go while still hanging around this lifetime.
Write down, “Visit Jalama Beach”.
Jalama Beach is one of California’s grand little secrets. Nestled in a quiet corner of Santa Barbara County, its campground sits right on the beach.
And its onsite café, The Jalama Beach Store and Grill makes a hamburger that will stamp a memory like no other on your frontal lobes. People from all around the world come here to surf, fish, soak up their share of vitamin D and eat the famous Jalama Burger.

We have been camping here for about 6 years. This year between friends and family, we were about 20 thick. And besides loving the beach and enjoying each other’s marvelous company, we did some fine eating. Here are some highlights and how to’s.

Fried Pancakes
I love the smell of sizzling pancakes in the morning.
One of the joys of eating fried pancakes while you’re camping is that you can because you are camping.

Bisquick Original Pancake and Baking Mix
Olive Oil (or canola if you prefer)
Make the “melt in your mouth” recipe found on the box.
Pour the oil into the bottom of the fry pan
The oil must be hot
Drop in your batter; for small size pancakes and let them sizzle.
Flip and fry to desired crispiness
Add toppings
Some of ours are butter and fruit; butter and powdered sugar; syrup and peanut butter.
Or my favorite; just butter.

Percolated Coffee
This coffee is a throwback to an era that knew Frank Sinatra and Willie Mays. And it was the coffee of our parents and grandparents. It’s Percolated Coffee. Percolated coffee offers a variation in taste; a smooth and rich flavor that is ideal for brisk mornings while camping. We use a stove top percolator pot that is at least 55 years old and holds lots of coffee history. Originally my in law’s coffee pot, it now sits on our soffit like a museum piece until we pull it down for our camping adventures. The pot is comprised of an urn where the water is put. The ground coffee is placed in a metal basket which is suspended above the water level in the percolator pot. Heated water rises through a metal tube above the basket and spills through it.
We make our coffee over a Coleman camp stove and we use Kirkland Dark Roast Columbian Coffee. Oh, don’t forget to pack your favorite creamer.

Fill pot with water to just below the line on the stem where filter basket rests
Add one heaping tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water in the pot.
Fit basket into the pot.
Bring the water to boiling.
The coffee pot lid will have a glass bubble so you can see the coffee being made.
Watch the coffee percolate through the glass bubble. The darker the coffee gets, the stronger the flavor.
Brewing should take about 5 minutes.
Remove the filter basket

Bloody Mary
Our recipe, the Beach Bloody Mary is a little different from others in that there is no straining or shaking. All condiments were added in the glasses after the ice was put in.
This will be the best Bloody Mary you ever had or my name ain’t Ernest Hemingway. What a great way to enjoy a classic drink and get your recommended daily allowance of veggies, too.

Ketel One Vodka (1-2 shots per glass)
Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix
Lefty O’Doul’s San Francisco Original Bloody Mary Mix
Celery stalk
Green Olives
Petite Dill Pickles
Petite Dill Pickles juice
Celery salt
Squeeze of lime
Black pepper

Fill a glass about ¾ worth of ice
Next put your Vodka, all condiments and seasonings
Fill the glass with your mix (roughly half and half of the two mixes)
Sprinkle with a dash of pepper on the top
Alla Salute!

“Quando il corpo e’ pieno, l’anima canta” Italian Proverb

I could keep writing about our nachos. Or the barbecued ribs. Or the dark chocolate S'mores. Or the Mac and cheese baked over the campfire. Suffice it to say; we ate well.
There’s an Italian proverb that says when the body is full, the soul sings.
That week at Jalama you could hear our chorus of singing souls and laughing hearts.
Good stuff.
Now remember.
If you have a flashlight, use the flashlight.
In the dark, you never know what you might fish out of your toiletries bag.
I thought that I had found the toothpaste.
The cap twisted off the same.
The paste squeezed out and onto my toothbrush the same.
But after several vigorous swipes in and about my teeth, I realized something was definitely not the same.
Just in case you’re wondering, hydrocortisone cream does not taste like toothpaste.
I’m just saying.


Mai Yang said...

I will try "bloody Mary" ^_^

Smareis said...

Oi Mario tudo bem amigo. vim ver as novidades, deliciar com seu post e te
desejar uma ótima quinta-feira com final de semana maravilhoso. Bjs!

Dale Barcellos said...

Jalama Beach!!! let's go mario!!!

rachel said...

perfect! well put. so well put i could taste the coffee, the pancakes, the burger....and wait - i didn't get a bloody mary!!! next year i guess :)

Christine's Pantry said...

Great post. I love pancakes too.

Brewed Coffee said...

Sounds like a wonderful camping adventure....I'll remember the flashlight bit. I wouldn't want to try hydrocortisone for a toothpaste

Shay Olson said...

My husband loves Bloody Mary's. I'm going to have to try your recipe. I'm usually not a fan of them but with olives and pickles in them, that might be enough to convert me!

Alessandra said...

I love bloody mary's! Thank for your recipes!
Ciao Mario!

Emily Malloy said...

This sounds like MY kind of camping :)

Lilly said...

Hahaha this was hilarious! Sounds like you guys had plenty of fun. Thank you for pointing this place out. I’d make sure I swing by for a burger next year when I’m in Cali.

Linda said...

Oh my, I read the end and laughed because, seriously, I did that this summer! Not while at a camp ground, not for lack of light. No, just me being, well, just me and not paying attention. I thought it was a small tube of toothpaste leftover from a trip. Too many distractions I guess. I enjoyed your story about your camping trip. The simple life, simple food . . . ahhhhh, yes, good for the soul. We haven't camped with the family in years, but I wrote about something similar when we lost electricity for 4 days during a hurricane. It was a life lesson for us all!

Linda said...

Oh, I forgot - I bookmarked your bloody mary recipe and will give it a try sometime!

Boulder Locavore said...

Well you certainly are a Renaissance Man. So glad to see no freeze dried pre packaged faux food on the camping list (what IS the point of that?!). The beach looks lovely (I'm an ex Northern Californian and love the beaches from mid state north). Totally smitten over the percolated coffee. Did not realize anyone still made it that way. My first coffee maker in college was a percolator. Some things should never go away totally. Great post!

mary said...

Thanks for sharing your family camping trip with us, mario! You have such a great way with words! I felt like I was right there with the other "20 thick" people, eating yummy pancakes,sipping on one of those healthy bloody marys...and getting a little more "thick" along with everyone else! hee hee
Please keep writing your marvelous blog, it is a real treat to read every time!! God Bless you! Mary

CelinaMurph said...

Loving the Bloody Mary recipe! Can't wait to try it out this weekend. What a great blog. I really appreciate you stopping by I was flattered with your kind words. I will be reading all about your adventures and following as well. Thank you for the flashlight tip, I am not a fan of the taste of hydrocortisone cream. You may have saved me.

Larissa said...

I confess...I have never been camping! That's definitely on my bucket list!

mangiawithmario said...

Mai, thanks for the visit. Please let me know how you like the Bloody Mary.

Smareis, Obrigado pela sua visita. Também desejo-lhe uma boa semana.

Dale, I'm ready! Give me 5 minutes notice and you can pick me up anytime!

Rachel, stop by and let's make those Bloody Marys!

Thanks, Christine. Pancakes are soooo good.

Brewed Coffee, thanks for the visit. That was not the first time I accidentally brushed my teeth with the wrong tube!

Paper Plates, let me know when you have converted.

MeandFrankieavalon, grazie. Veramente, Bloody Marys sono bellissimo. A presto!

Emily, thank you. Camping is always an adventure with us.

Lilly, you're coming to California next year? Awesome! Make sure to put Jalama Beach on your itinerary.

Linda, I am dying of what tube did you accidentally pick up instead of the toothpaste?

Boulder Locavore, what part of northern California do you hale from? Yes the beaches here are one of a kind. And let's make a pact to keep percolated coffee alive!

Mary, thank you! Maybe one of these times you and Sam can come and make it "22 thick"

Celina, thank you for visiting and let me know what you think of the recipe. And I will have considered it a success in life if I have saved you from brushing with hydrocortisone cream!

Newlywed, I am so glad to have contributed to your bucket list.

Drizel said...

O my word, I am so hungry now. I am not much of a camper but oi that food sounds super and looks super yummy:)
And yuk on the bad teeth experience.
A bucket list is a must for everyone:)

eMiLiA said...

Muchas gracias por tu visita, Mario.


Un abrazo!

Smareis said...

Oi Mario,passei pra deixar um carinho, um abraço e te desejar um resto de semana abençoado.
Beijos grande no coração, com abraço apertado.

Nicoletta Palmas said...

Ciao Mario!!!!! Thank you again for your visit! The magazine is a great a few days will be out in English too...I'll let you know when! You know...I've never been out camping like that...only with my parents...but I was just a little girl and barely remember anything!!! I guess is good fun!!!!

reina said...

nice posts mario. I will take your advice on camping... tnx...

foodie @ tastingspot said...

i like your pictures and would like to invite you to share them on

Samara de Oliveira said...

Hi Mario...

thanks for visit my blog...

yours is so delicious =D

I'm following you back...

kisses dear =*

Smareis said...

Oi Mario, eu adoro Panquecas, me deu uma fome daquela rs. Desejo uma ótima semana, cheia de muitas energias positivas, muita paz e muita luz sempre na tua vida. Beijos grande!


Elisabeth said...

Caro Mario-Adoro le tou storie e informazioni interessanti. Bloody Mary è uno dei miei cocktail preferiti. Con tutto il buon cibo, bevande e compagnia ... sì, lo spirito è pieno, e cantare!

With all the good food and company, yes, my spirit is also full,(is what I should have said) and DOES sing!

Shannon@JustAsDelish said...

I love your humour! and I do have a Bucket List.. will add Jalama Beach to Item 258 :P
And thanks for visiting my blog.

Ana Helena said...

Mario! Eu nao sou muito de acampar nao. Mais estou mudando de ideia por causa de seu post. Esse menu esta de primeira amigo. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

yummm now i want pancakes!

Miluna said...

Hola Mario muchas gracias por tu visita y por tus palabras en mi blog..
y como ves ya estoy aquí haciéndote la visita, tiene un blog muy apetecible jjaja
seguro que volveré y me cogeré alguna receta a mi me gusta mucho cocinar.
tu reflexiones son muy buenas con que ya me tienes como seguidora..

besos y sonrisas hasta pronto

Megan Elizabeth Rose said...

What a great blog! I have never been a good cook unfortunately. I have however, blown up two microwaves in my lifetime - how, I'm still unsure. The last time I attempted "cooking," was putting a frozen apple turnover in the microwave. Pretty soon it was all in flames and I had to call 911.
I do love homemade meals with my friends though (I just make sure someone else cooks and I set the table.) Recently my friend made Lomo Saltado for me and it was delicious! My friends ate it with steak, but being a vegetarian I had mine with extra vegetables. It was so good - I strongly recommend you try it!
I am so sorry for your mistake with the toothpaste. I once stepped on a skunk in the dark. Flashlights are always a good idea.
Following your blog and looking forward to more stories. Perhaps I'll be inspired to try my hand in the kitchen again!

Tammy said...

First of all, I want that burger!!! Trying that juicy chunk of meaty goodness will be on the top of my list.

I've never gone camping before, I must admit. I'm a New York gal through and through. But no matter where I am, pancakes and coffee are a must to get my day going. I still have some time until I can add the bloody mary though...

Nevertheless, I must say, that sounds like one fun & delicious camping trip, Mario! It was a fun post!

Hope all has been well. It's been a crazy few months, and I couldn't be more relieved that the cooler weather is finally setting in!


Unknown said...

I love camping, but i don't like do any food there...=S
But look at yours pictures, nhame!
Thanks for visiting me.

Anonymous said...


mangiawithmario said...

Drizel, Thanks for the visit. Camping grew on me through family and fine food!

eMiLiA, gracias por sus palabras y tu visita. Abrazos

Smareis, Obrigado por seus pensamentos maravilhosos. Você sempre tem pensamentos positivos. Muita paz e muita luz sempre na tua vida. Um grande abraço.

Nicoletta, thank you. I wish you the best in your new adventures

Reina, thanks for your visit. Let me know how the casmping goes.

Samara, thank you for your kind words. Best wishes and hugs.

Elisabeth, grazie, grazie! Buon cibo e buoni amici fa sempre il cuore cantare! Abbracci mia amica.

Shannon, thank you for your comments. But do tell...what are the other 257 items on your bucket list?

Ana Helena, Obrigado pelos comentários, meu amiga. Eu não sou muito em parques de campismo, mas cresce em você.

Rita, I want those pancakes right now, too!

Miluna, gracias por tu visit. Y gracias por tus palabras. Soy muy agradecida de que estás siguiendo mi blog. Besos y sonrisas mi amiga.

Elizabeth Rose, thanks for the great comments. Your microwave story is hilarious. You should have a sitcom. And I will look for that Loma Saltado. And I've got to ask...did the skunk spray you! Ha ha.

Tammy, thanks for your comments. I always enjoy reading them. Coffee and pancakes are on the menu for tomorrow's breakfast. I can't wait. And I too am glad that fall is here. Both in New York and California.

Paula, sometimes camping is best enjoyed through photos! So enjoy, my friend!

Miguel, gracias por tu visita. Gracias por la comentario. Es un honor a mi. Un feliz fin de semana a ti, tambien.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate it. I love you blog is amazing.....I am so hungry now:)

FevieMetzen said...

aside form travelling. i love foods and your post really captured my attention.. the burger..hppppmmmm wow! so delicious.

→El mundò se volvììo locò said...

Muchas gracias por el comentario qe dejaste en mi blog!

Smareis said...

Oi amigo Mario, passei pra deixar um beijo no teu coração e desejar uma excelente semana.

Unknown said...

wow.. that's many delicious food.. you make me so hungry.. I wish i can eat all of this food.. haha..
I really like your blog.. I follow you.. Would you like to follow me too? Please.. ;)

Reiza said...

Hi Mario. Thanks for inviting me to visit your site. I love it! It's a mouthwatering concoction of life and everything that matters in it, served in generous portions. It's certainly very refreshing to read something like it after another tough day at work. Will be back for more finger-lickin' goodness. Following you. :)

Unknown said...

está exelente Mario felicidades por tu blog, espero que tambien sigas mi blog, suerte AA

Anonymous said...

Hello Mario,tk for your comments,i really appreciate :)
Wishing you a very lovely weekend!

Cheqna said...

Hi Mario,

good tips on camping..and your toothpaste's "adventure" will ensure that I use my torchlight to find things in the dark..hehe..

n thanks for dropping by at my blog. Have a nice day and enjoy your next camping trip!


Magdalena Troncoso Espinar said...

Hola Mario :) vengo a conocer tu blog me quedo por aquí como seguidora ya que me parece muy curioso el enfoque que le das al blog. saludos y cuenta con una seguidora mas

Caroline Taylor said...

Those bloody Mary's look so good!

Con Edulcorante y Al revés said...

Wooow, how many people around here!
Your spanish it's really good, cheers for that! The title of your post remaind me to a Artic Monkeys song: "That Bloody Mary's lacking a Tabasco
Remember when he used to be a rascal?.." nice drink, but i prefer cuba libre or just some really cold beers :)

I have one of those list, a reaaaally long one actually haha

Argentinian greetings!

DSdiva said...

Bloody Mary after Halloween is a challenge that I accept, Mario :D

Anna said...

Hi Mario!! :D

I've new here but your blog seems very funny to me, so I've become a follower!! (oh, and I love your quotes too!) thanks for the bloody mary recipe, sounds great! :)

Kisses from Barcelona!

Mai Yang said...

Hello Sir! I just check out that series you mentioned "persons of interest" and I think it's a good one. the cast looks familiar to e esp that guy from LOST season :)
thank you for surely. I will surely watch that series if time permits (since school is coming up already:)

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog! What a nice surprise!

I do write in Spanish, however I'm fully bilingual in English and Spanish, as I studied at the AMERICAN SCHOOL of BARCELONA (this is where I come from).

I love entertaining and cooking, so, I'll be more than happy to be checking in for your delicious recipes.

Hugs from L. A. (I came here on a biz trip),

P. S.: My next post will be on L. A., a very particular vision of the city. I write in Spanish since all of my commentators and readers are from Spanish speaking countries. Your Spanish in the comment you left me if greattt! But, feel free to write to me in English, Mario.

Angela @ Mind Over Batter said...

Sounds like a wonderful camping adventure.. Except for the hydrocortisone incident. That must have sucked... Jalama Beach is now on my bucket list. First line... I just kinda started my list... I'll be sure to bring a flashlight, which is a great idea. I wouldn't want to confuse my elusive tube of toothpaste with my equally elusive tube of superglue. I carry glue... You just never know when something will fall apart and you need to put it back together on the fly. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Have a good week Mario:)

Ashish Godse said...

hey mario....thnx for tht wonderful comment on my blog.
and yeah ur blog is a hit... esp among girls over here...

tried bloody mary and it was bloody brilliant !! thanks for tht...i will definitely keep an eye on ur blog for great recipes and fun

take care !!

Anonymous said...


Your blog is very beautiful and interesting! I like food ... My mother cooks very well. =))
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Good week!

Thereza Camara said...

Boa noite querido amigo Mario, posso considerá-lo como amigo???
Adoro os fins de semana, o almoço e sobremesa fica por minha conta. Fico muito feliz fazendo o almoço para meus pais e irmãos.
Fico feliz por ter gostado de meu blog, vou colocar algumas sobremesas e alguns dos pratos que costumo fazer maravilhosos, sei que irá gostar.Adorei o seu blog, está lindo!
Deus o abençoe, um grande abraço.