Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's Poppin' Two?

Television calls them Reruns.
Tires call them Retreads.
Star Wars calls them Re-releases.
Beans call them Refried. However, they were really just fried once and it was the second time, anyways.
So let’s scratch that last one.
I am going to Reblog. I have had a lot of interest in this particular posting and until this week it had been the most read. However the posting never had a photo with it. So I thought I’d reblog it with a photo showing the delicious treat you can actually enjoy this very evening. It’s that easy. So allow me to share it with you again, with some slight changes.

And now….let’s talk constipation.
Okay, let’s not. But you’ve got to admit, it’s a subject that’s part of the in and out of food. Maybe I’ll come back to it when I’m stuck for a topic. But for right now I’d like to say a little something about one of my favorite foods; Popcorn.

I love popcorn. I’ve had it micro waved popped, kettle popped, machine popped and even Jiffy Popped. In fact just between you and me, there was a time when my wife and I went to the movie theater just for the popcorn. No, I am not kidding. And no, they didn’t charge me entrance. They let me in to make my purchase and then we sat outside on a bench enjoying those hot, salted and delicious kernels of joy by the handfuls. Okay, so I’m a cheap date.

So where is a good place to find popcorn? Well, the best popcorn I have had is at my house.
My wife makes it. And it is the greatest.
Now unless you invite yourself over to our house I’m afraid you’ll not get a chance to enjoy it. So I thought maybe what I would do is to give you her recipe. Do me a favor, though. Her recipe is kind of a secret so let’s be hush-hush and can keep it between ourselves. On the down low if you don’t mind.

She uses a large Farberware saucepan; Redenbacher popcorn and… now here’s her secret ingredient; olive oil. Mama mia! Healthy, tasty and so Mediterranean. She places the saucepan on the stove, turns the stove to high and pours in enough oil to cover the bottom. Then the popcorn goes in and we wait for the magic to happen. Soon the room is filled with the sounds of popping pleasure. The fragrance of corn and oil waft through the air. Your mouth waters and you can hardly wait. Put your popped corn kernels in a bowl and pour the melted butter. Be generous. My wife loves it with or without the butter; it’s me that insists on it. Sprinkle sea salt to taste. Yes. Sea salt is a must.
Catch us at dinnertime and you’ll find that we sometimes have it as our main dish.

Popcorn is a food that engages our every sense. Our hearing, smelling, seeing, touching and tasting all join in the fun. In interpreting our world of food, our brain blends all their input to come to this conclusion: Hot dang you’re in heaven. Enjoy!

And by the way, did you know that popped corn is an excellent source of fiber. Hey, I’m just saying!

Now go explore!

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Anna Rose Renick said...

Dear Mario~
Clever, fun, interesting and delicious! Thanks for introducing me to your blog Mario, looking forward to more scrumptious morsels of mangia! Try sprinkling nutritional yeast on popcorn, generously! Its YUMMY!
Hope to see you over the holidays :)
With Blessings and Cheer,
Anna Rose Renick